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Connect with your joy and celebrate life!


This blend with a captivating aroma and flavor that reminds us that each experience must be lived from the joy, faith and hope that its base of Japanese Sencha Green Tea, fruits and flowers grant us, leading us by its sweet, luminous and captivating flavor, protecting our cells and indulging our soul in a conscious state of presence and energy!


Let's talk a little about its ingredients:


Sencha Green Tea from Japan: Sencha tea is the most widely consumed type of tea in Japan, even more so than Matcha tea. Sencha is the tea for daily consumption in the Japanese country. It is a type of green tea, and its fundamental peculiarity is in the way in which the development of oxidation is avoided during processing.


Generally, teas are dried with heat, either in ovens or in the sun. But for making Sencha tea, this heat is applied by steam, thanks to which it preserves more antioxidants than most varieties of tea.

"Sencha" means cooked tea; During their treatment, the leaves roll into the shape of needles of a very vivid green color. Afterwards, they are already dried like any other variety of tea.

One more difference between Sencha tea and other types of green tea is that the gardens of this variety of tea are exposed to direct sunlight throughout their life cycle. This constant exposure to sunlight causes them to grow rapidly (absorb photon energy) and generate a high content of vitamin C.

The benefits of Sencha tea are many. In Japan, which is where it is most consumed, it is associated with the longevity of its people and their good health.

· L-theanine is a natural anxiolytic that helps relax the body and mind. In addition, it enhances cognitive activity and improves processes such as memory, learning and concentration.

· Caffeine prevents us from falling asleep during study or meditation.

· Iron is necessary for the production of hemoglobin, which helps the blood carry oxygen during circulation. Very important to avoid anemia.

· Calcium contributes to the strength of bones and teeth, avoiding problems such as osteoporosis.

· Its great supply of antioxidants keep free radicals at bay, which kill our cells, as well as helping them to regenerate. With this, a better state of health and general appearance is achieved.

· Vitamin C, so present in Sencha tea, is needed for the growth and repair of all tissues and bones in the body, as well as for the absorption of iron.

· Finally, it is good to avoid respiratory problems.




With regard to vitamin C, raspberries provide a very important antioxidant capacity, capable of neutralizing free radicals, and helping us to prevent the appearance of cancer.

In addition to:


  • High content of natural antioxidants
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • It contains an important anti-inflammatory activity.
  • It especially helps when it comes to fighting high levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Also to reduce high blood pressure while improving blood circulation.
  • Eliminate toxins and in addition to adding the presence in its composition of the wonderful bioflavonoids, with equally antioxidant action.



This fruit helps keep cells younger, as well as strengthen the immune system or avoid allergies and colds, a food rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.


Filters the sun's rays: For those who are sensitive to UV rays, the lutein it contains acts as a natural protective filter for the skin.


  • Supports the immune system and fights anemia
  • Helps digestion
  • Serves to lose weight and does not retain fluids
  • It helps with blood circulation
  • Reduces stress and nerves.
  • Benefits for the skin



It helps to increase the absorption of iron in the body due to its high content of vitamin C, which is why its consumption is recommended to people suffering from anemia


  • Helps activate the immune system
  • It is useful for fighting the symptoms of most respiratory diseases.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • It considerably increases sexual desire by having an aphrodisiac property.




They stand out for their diuretic, anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. In addition, thanks to its flavonoids, they help us fight oxidative stress and cognitive deterioration; They contain a type of antioxidant that reduces the level of inflammation in the tissues and, incidentally, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


It helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, as it increases the elasticity of the arteries and prevents blockages. This is evidenced by a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition.


Help improve mood


Strawberries contain substances such as vitamin B1, which helps fight irritability and sadness.This substance is assimilated by the nervous system and, after stimulating it, increases the production of well-being hormones.They promote the elimination of toxins that accelerate the aging process and, at the same time, reduce imbalances in skin pH. They are important to prevent damage caused by the sun's rays.


Butterfly Flower:


Regulates the period in women, helps with disgestion and nervous system. Ingredients: Japanese Sencha Tea, Strawberries, Raspberries, Kiwi, Roses and Butterfly Flower.


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