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A great step towards well-being and the connection with coherence in our life and in our well-being led us to settle in the beautiful Anna Maria Island, with the intention of continuing to provide rich and healthy food to all residents and visitors to this area, we tell you a little more about us.

Thaina Cianciarelli


Born in Venezuela, wife and mother, a lawyer by profession in her native country, upon emigrating to the USA she decided to live conscious healthy eating and evolutionary astrology from her true passion, she was certified as a Health Coach at the Integrative Nutrition Institute, located in New York, establishing a healthy food restaurant with her husband (Sergio) in the city of Miami, for more than 5 years. Adventurous by nature, she decided to move with her family to the enchanting island of Anna Maria, to continue bringing her passion to locals and visitors.

Thaina has her own line of Tea Blends that she places in her local area for tasting and enjoyment.

Sergio Santinato


Born in Venezuela, husband and father, graduate in administration and businessman in his native country, upon emigrating to the USA he decided to venture into his passion for good food and the enjoyment of aromatic coffee, today he is dedicated to preparing the most exotic coffees and the best ACAI Bowl in all of Florida!


Through a deep, conscious, balanced, documented, reasonable and trauma-free change in the individual's daily diet and with the versatility of integrating each of the members of the family group. We are convinced that food can be adequate, nutritious, healthy and at the same time pleasant to the palate.

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